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Product demos

Sage Mobile Payments

Our mobile app lets you take credit cards wherever you are, either with an attachable card reader or keyed in entry. Check out our demos on how to download, get started and perform transactions right on your mobile device.

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Online Reporting

Sage Online Reporting provides free 24 hour fast, detailed, and convenient transaction information for all business types. Watch our demo to find out how Online Reporting works and learn how it can be used to help your business processes.

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Sage Chargeback Assistance Program

Designed to help you try and prevent chargebacks from happening and be more prepared to handle them when they do.

A chargeback occurs when a credit card transaction is reversed and money is returned to the cardholder by their credit card company. In the majority of situations the cardholder was dissatisfied with the merchandise or fraudulent activity has taken place. The result is loss of revenue and possible loss of merchandise.

Our program offers:

  • A dedicated toll-free number to a Sage Payment Solutions Chargeback Specialist to personally assist you.
  • Custom chargeback prevention tips designed specifically for your business model.
  • Assistance in creating chargeback reduction plans.
  • One-on-one consultation on how to respond to chargebacks, remedies and recommendations on how to strengthen rebuttals that may be necessary.
  • Access to industry knowledge for best practices when responding to chargebacks.

Does Sage guarantee chargeback reversal as part of the program?
No. The program includes a one-on-one consultation with a dedicated Chargeback Specialist who can provide you with recommendations on how best to handle a chargeback, including how to respond to notifications.

Is there a limit to the amount of chargebacks Sage will assist me with?
No. As long as you are enrolled in the program, Sage will assist you with the chargeback process.

Can Sage help me prevent future chargebacks? The program includes assistance in creating a chargeback reduction plan as well as prevention tips specific to your business model.

Sage Terminal Replacement Program

sage terminal replacement program

*Sage Payment Solutions may choose to cancel a merchant's terminal replacement program at any time without notice or cause. Terminal and other hardware replacement is limited to 2 per 12 month period. Standard overnight shipping is included when a terminal is replaced.

**All shipping and handling charges will be the responsibility of the merchant and based on the type of shipping the merchant requests.

Designed to help keep your business up and running, Sage will fix or simply replace non-functioning terminals or devices, no questions asked.

We want to ensure you won't lose business because of faulty equipment or a lack of supplies.

Program benefits:

  • Terminal replacement - if a terminal or other supported piece of hardware is damaged or broken and we can't fix it, we'll replace it.
  • Peace of mind - while enrolled in our program, you won't incur any additional costs by having to replace broken terminals that could cost $200 or more a piece.*
  • Supplies at no additional charge - the program includes up to 12 rolls of paper and 5 sales draft packets every 3 months, almost a $25 value every quarter.**

I have multiple terminals/devices. Are they all covered under the program?
Yes. All terminals and devices associated with your merchant ID are covered under the Sage Terminal Replacement Program.

What types of equipment are covered in the Sage Terminal Replacement Program?
All Class A supported terminals are covered under the program. Additionally, supported PIN pads, card readers, check readers and printers associated with your Merchant ID are covered. Please contact your sales rep for a full list of supported devices that are covered under this program.

How many replacements am I entitled to per year within the Sage Terminal Replacement Program?
You are entitled to 2 (two) replacements of supported devices covered under this program per year.

What types of equipment are NOT covered in the Sage Terminal Replacement Program?
Mobile swipers/readers are not covered. Also, any leased equipment is not covered under our program.

How long do I have to return a broken device that's being replaced?
Terminals or other devices that Sage is replacing under the Sage Terminal Replacement Program must be returned within 30 days. A $400 fee will be incurred for non- or late returns.

Will I receive the same model of terminal or device in replacement
If the same model is available, the same model will be replaced. If the same model is not available, a substitute will be provided by Sage Payment Solutions. In most cases, the replacement terminal or device will be a refurbished unit.

What do I do if I have a broken or malfunctioning terminal or device?
Please contact our terminal support group at 800-552-8227.

How do I order paper/supplies?
Supplies can be ordered through our supply partner, TASQ. Please visit the TASQ online ordering system and get started with your 16 digit merchant ID. Or, call 877-622-6202.

How can I contact Sage to sign up for the Sage Terminal Replacement Program or to ask additional questions?
Please call us today at 877-841-7014 or email us at We'd be happy to assist you!

Sage Account Updater

Maintain up-to-date, accurate stored customer credit card information.

Credit card information you have on file eventually goes out of date due to expiry or a new card issued to the cardholder. With Sage Account Updater, credit card data stored as a recurring payment in a Sage Virtual Terminal receive auto updates of credit card numbers and expiration dates, saving you time and money by minimizing the need to request updates from your customers of their credit card billing information.

With Sage Account Updater:

  • Maintain accurate credit card information on file
  • Reduce the costs associated with manually updating customer accounts
  • Minimize the number of authorization declines due to credit card information that is no longer current
  • Pay only for the credit cards that are updated

Why does credit card information change?
Credit card details can change for many different reasons including regular updates to a credit card's expiration date. Other reasons include ane card number issued due to identity theft, chargebacks, upgrades, or a closed account.

How often are credit card details updated?
On the 25th of each month the credit card details of all merchants participating in this service is sent for update and within 2 – 3 business days Sage Payment Solutions receives back any changes made to credit card account numbers and/or expiration date. This means that beginning no later than the 1st of the following month, potentially any merchant's customer may be billed using updated credit card information.

What card brands are supported by this service?
Sage Account Updater supports Visa and MasterCard.

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